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A short story of how three friends convinced a bunch of entrepreneurs, from around the world, to spend 9 days on an active volcano.

Its midnight.

We’re standing on the roof of an old Italian villa.

Waves are crashing loudly on the beach below.

In the distance lighting flashes, briefly illuminating the large summer storm clouds.

Above us, shooting stars dart across the night sky.

BOOOOM. We turn to face the silhouette of an erupting volcano.

Around us, energetic mutterings come from the entrepreneurs, exciting each other with crazy ideas and laughter – sharing moments and friendships.

How on Earth did we get here?

Serendipity of course.

It’s surprising what can come from a casual conversation between friends, which went something like this:

Aga & Amar: “Isn’t it great when a bunch of inspiring people get together! We should organise a thing.

Logan: “Yeah, totally! We should check out this amazing volcanic island in the Mediterranean

And with that, the inaugural ‘Entrepreneurs Volcano Retreat‘ was born.

A retreat to bring a group of awesome, like-minded entrepreneurial people together to share ideas, network, mastermind, co-work, co-live, learn, teach and of course – go on some adventures in a stunning place!

So in May 2017, 16 people from all over the world came together and had a life changing time on the island of fire – new friendships were formed, mindset barriers were smashed, businesses ideas grown and of course plenty of adventure was had!

Most importantly, breakthroughs happened.

Life changing breakthroughs.

We’re excited to be able share some of those stories in our following blogs.

All involved were blown away by the power of such an event and it’s fair to say that there were a lot of emotions throughout the event. The feedback from the past participants was overwhelmingly positive and many of them are asking for more!

So after such success of Stromboli we have agreed the world NEEDS more Entrepreneur Volcano Retreats!

Our next retreat will be in Bali in November 2017.

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